Hepa Filters, Prefilters, Fine Filters

Application : Primary filtration in HVAC systems, AHUs & comfort air conditioning.
Media : Combination of non woven synthetics, glass fiber paper, HDPE & metallic meshes
Efficiency Grades : G3, G4
Particulate Efficiency : 20 & 10 Microns

Application : Pre filtration for very fine filters in AHUs, HVAC systems and comfort air-conditioning.
Media : Combination of fine non woven synthetics, melt browns, glass fiber paper, felts and other application specific media.
Efficiency Grades : F5, F6 & F7
Particulate Efficiency : 5 & 3 microns.

Application : Final filtration in clean rooms.
Media : Sub micronic glass fibre paper. These are rigid and compact high efficiency filters with large media area which ensures low pressure drop even at high airflows. Available in versions of Standard, Hi-flo and Super
Efficiency Grade : EU12, EU13 Particulate
Efficiency : 99.97 - 99.99 % for 0.3 µ.